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Inducoat Cleaner – Anti Mould Spray Cleaning Solution by Global Hygiene Services

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Inducoat Cleaner –

Inducoat Cleaner is a clear water dilutable cleaner based on a quarternary ammonium compound, free of metal compounds and biological degradable. It has a unique authorization number 12981N provided by the Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides in the Netherlands.

Recommended Uses

Simply spray formulation onto all affected surfaces and leave to dry overnight. Then brush off dead Mould with scrubbing brush before applying INDUCOAT FUNGI.

Inducoat Cleaner be used on mineral substrates like new and old masonry, plaster and concrete, in order to fight and remove mould contamination, before finishing these surfaces with INDUCOAT FUNGI.

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Product details

Available in 1 litre bottles (100ml concentrate) Just add water into bottle! And 5 litre concentrate solution





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